AWARE-LA is a movement-building organization, meaning we engage in membership-building, leadership development, alliance-building, campaign support and development, and membership mobilization to build multiracial people power and affect institutional change. Our organizing work, guided by our organizing workgroup, Active Resistance, in partnership with Saturday Dialogue Facilitation Group and Workshop Planning Group involves:

* Building relationships with community organizations led by people of color.

* Organizing the white community to participate strategically in local social justice campaigns led by communities of color.

* Working on our own campaigns to engage, recruit, and mobilize the white community around issues of race and racism.


We welcome new volunteer organizers, and ask that new organizers make a commitment of 3 months to the workgroup in the Los Angeles metro area, with at least 10 hours per month volunteer time (mostly on weekends). Volunteer time includes three, 3-hour organizational commitments including Saturday Dialogue and Volunteer Dialogue, usually first and third weekends of the month, and one community action per month, with dates and times determined monthly.


Active Resistance offers volunteer organizers:

1) on-the-ground organizing and alliance-building experience in a grassroots, all-volunteer, white anti-racist organizing and multiracial-alliance building effort in Los Angeles;

2) volunteer opportunities and strategizing with racial justice organizations led by people-of-color and other white anti-racist organizers;

3) organizational space and resources to plan, develop, and implement white anti-racist organizing and multiracial-alliance building approaches and practices in real-time.


Participation is FREE, with optional, monthly donations requested from each participant as an AWARE-LA member. Participants from outside Los Angeles must arrange their own accommodations, transportation, and living means in Los Angeles County for their time organizing with the Active Resistance workgroup.


Interested in volunteering for Active Resistance? Contact us with your experience in anti-racist and racial justice organizing, and why you want to join the workgroup, or attend the next Volunteer Dialogue and discuss your interests with us in person.

New organizers may join at any Saturday Dialogue or Volunteer Dialogue, but new organizer cohorts are announced the first Saturday of the month in September (Freedom Fall); December (Freedom Winter); March (Freedom Spring); and June (Freedom Summer).


For more information about Active Resistance and AWARE-LA’s theory and practice, please visit our Core Models, Workgroups, and Projects pages and check out our paper “One Step Forward on the Path to Liberation: White Anti-Racist Organizing and its Role in the Struggle Against the White Supremicist System.” Also, feel free to Contact Us with any questions or to learn more.