2013 Share the Wealth Campaign

mornining downtown LA

New Volunteers Welcome!

Downtown Los Angeles is a microcosm of what’s occurring in downtown areas nationwide in recent years – it is one of the fastest gentrifying areas of the city, and home to both the lowest-income and highest-income residents. Given these realities, AWARE-LA has identified a clear role for white anti-racists to contribute to a long-standing, people-of-color led campaign for racial and economic justice, by organizing and mobilizing new white residents in downtown LA to support the campaign.

Focusing on equity in development, housing, and public safety, the Share the Wealth campaign, founded by Los Angeles Community Action Network and Strategic Action for a Just Economy (member organization of Right to the City), seeks to unite downtown residents in a collective vision for a better Los Angeles. AWARE-LA volunteers are contributing an identified “crucial role” in the campaign by talking to, connecting, and mobilizing new white residents in downtown LA to join the multiracial campaign for just and equitable development practices and local policies.

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AWARE-LA believes this work in Los Angeles – and in other cities facing similar conditions – can have transformative effects on institutional policy, infrastructure, and multiracial and multiclass alliances, relations, and people power. AWARE-LA welcomes any and all white anti-racist organizers in Los Angeles, or to Los Angeles, to join the on-the-ground organizing!

Join us at AWARE-LA’s monthly Volunteer Dialogue, usually the FIRST SATURDAY of every month, to learn more about the campaign and to get involved. Contact Us with your name and interest and we’ll add you to our email events listserv.

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This campaign, among all the campaigns AWARE-LA supports or develops, seeks to identify and offer the strategic contribution of white anti-racists organizing other white people in alliance with people-of-color to build powerful, multiracial movements for social justice.