Download the AWARE Chapter Packet and get resources and organizing tools from the AWARE Toolbox to develop your own AWARE chapter or white anti-racist member organization. Let us know if you would like to sign-up for the AWARE-LA events listerv for ongoing support. Then contact us for more ideas, strategies, and to advertise your group!

AWARE Points of Unity

Any individual is free to organize a local AWARE chapter. Each AWARE chapter is autonomous: they are free to decide for themselves what issues and problems in their community need to be addressed. AWARE members and chapters are unique and hold a variety of viewpoints; however, all chapters agree with the following AWARE Points of Unity—existence of the AWARE chapter is dependent on this agreement.

1) We take responsibility as white people to challenge racism within ourselves, our local community, and the world, as our contribution to a mass-based, multiracial social justice movement. We also agree to abide by the AWARE Anti-Oppression Principles and Guidelines and to conduct our work non-violently.

2) We commit to organizing monthly gatherings for white anti-racists to discuss and act on issues of race, privilege and racism in our lives and community, and to strengthen our practice as anti-racists in alliances with people of color, according to the Starting an AWARE Chapter or Monthly Dialogue and Why a White Space? models. We commit to being audible and visible white anti-racists in our community and beyond.

3) We commit to developing a core group of leaders responsible for the maintenance, growth, direction and survival of our chapter. We also commit to consistently developing and supporting leadership from among the attendees of our monthly gatherings so the chapter can continue its work despite changes in leadership according to the Why a Workgroup Structure? model.

4) We dedicate ourselves to growing the numbers of white anti-racists in our monthly gatherings through active outreach and recruitment, and to encourage other white people to develop AWARE chapters in their local neighborhoods and communities. We also dedicate ourselves to developing and acting on strategic alliances with individuals and organizations of color to support a multiracial agenda for social justice alongside our work of organizing white people toward anti-racism according to the White Anti-Racist Community Organizing and Theory of Social Changes models.