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Saturday Dialogue is an open, monthly gatherings for white anti-racists who want to discuss issues of identity, community, white privilege, white supremacy, and racism in our lives, develop and strengthen our antiracist practice, and build community with other white antiracist folks. Happens (almost) every first Saturday of the month. Watch the website ( for specific dates and locations.

Volunteer Dialogue is an open monthly gathering for white antiracists and people of color who are interested in volunteering to support the work of AWARE-LA. Volunteer Dialogue works on the development of the organization of AWARE-LA, whereas Saturday Dialogue focus on the development of white antiracist individuals and communities.

Saturday and Volunteer Dialogues rotate regionally throughout Los Angeles, and go where people invite us: homes, community centers, college and high school campuses, etc. Have a space that can accommodate 10 people, 20 people, 50 people? Let us know! We’ll bring the facilitators, snacks, and conversation!

* Don’t live near Los Angeles? Want to develop a dialogue and white anti-racist organizing model where you live? Feel free to contact us.

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Saturday Dialogue

Volunteer Dialogue

Active Resistance

Racial Justice Alliance

Workshop Planning Group

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