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AWARE-LA is dedicated to building a national anti-racist solidarity movement to organize a strategic wedge in white communities and ally with people of color in movements for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice. We believe that there is a critical role for anti-racist organizing in white communities within the larger movements for social change. We see it as contributing “our piece of the puzzle,” by preparing white communities to participate as effective and responsible allies in social justice work.

We approach movement-building with a variety of connected projects from workshops to events to organizing, understanding that a movement must be multi-faceted and provide space for people to become involved in a variety of ways.

To be effective in our efforts, we must be able to mobilize white communities to take anti-racist action. Only with thoughtful strategy and anti-oppressive organization can we all effectively transform our society. This means building capacity on the local level and strategically coordinating with other grassroots organizations across the country.

By building a solidarity movement, we are also creating the possibility of a new culture of anti-racism among white people- a legacy we can feel proud of passing on to future generations.


  • We collaborate with and offer technical support to grassroots white anti-racist organizations who see the need for anti-racist organizing among white people.
  • We build ties between organizations to participate in & support national movement building.
  • Through our efforts, we are building the foundation to create a national network of anti-racist organizations to share resources and build local capacity.

For more information, check out our anti-racist organizing paper or contact us.